Sunday, February 14, 2016

Criticize Uncle Bob's on social media & they may evict you!

Uncle Bob's Self Storage seemed like a decent place to store stuff. But they sell insurance (force you to have some) that they pretend covers water damage (it doesn't in most cases). A district manager for them admitted it's excluded. A store manager was surprised it was excluded in fine print.

That same district manager wanted this blog to go away. When I asked the store manager if I could get half off their $20 late fee when I missed a deadline by an hour near Thanksgiving/Christmas trip, manager said, his boss would only refund it if I took down the blog.

That's why it's still here.

Before evicted a few days ago, I was giving another location a try near my new home during a move.

I'd made a reservation via and it was confirmed. As you can see in previous posting the area lead for Uncle Bob's was there to try to tell me she had ninspaces. Eventually, she admitted she was just choosing not to rent to me. Then she apparently called the other site where I've had stuff almost 4 years (and dealt with their faulty A/C drainage pipe -- something that happens all the time, Mike told me once) ruined more than $1,000 worth of belongings -- plus many mementos that can't be replaced. I was paying extra for an "environmentally a controlled" unit in hopes they would be better protected from extreme temperature or humidity or moisture -- or waterfall from pipe in ceiling.

I think a good law firm should investigate the misrepresentations of this insurance they push people into buying. I suspect there's a successful class action law suit that could be joined by lots of plaintiffs -- hundreds of thousands of people who have paid for this insurance that covers much less than portrayed.

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