Saturday, January 16, 2016

Water damage elsewhere in "air conditioned" Uncle Bob's unit (not their fault, costs them nothing)

I've run across some other interesting stories about how design flaws, equipment failures, and/or poor maintenance have caused similar or worse water damage than I experienced.

As this person learned with her valuable collection, putting things that need to stay dry into one of Uncle Bob's "temperature and/or humidity-controlled units" may make it more vulnerable to water/mold damage than many typical outdoor units (that are cheaper) ... and have no A/C drainage pipes above them ... or other things to clog up and flood down on their belongings.

Collection ALL WET in Uncle Bob's in Tampa Bay

Many homeowners policies do offer coverage for items that are "off premises," she added. This would include a storage unit or even items stolen out of your car at the mall. But the coverage limit is usually low, around $1,000, so customers may need to buy a rider with additional coverage.
"I trusted it was safe because it's air conditioned and climate controlled," explained Angela Porter who lost everything (except a salvaged tattered high school diploma) to water damage that came through the ceiling of her indoor storage unit at Uncle Bob's. *
They advised she should have bought the insurance they sell. But the truth (not covered in news story) is that this type of damage is excluded from coverage even if she'd been paying for the basic plan. *
Her advice to anyone considering putting important property into storage?
"Unless you're willing to check on it every week, don't.”

* NOTE: Highlighted phrases above were
added by me (Tom Stone);
not in the original news story

Legal actions and Better Business Bureau complaints involving similar damage/negligence against Uncle Bob's and Sovran Acquisition, parent company of Uncle Bob's will be compiled here.


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